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Hi there! My name is Griff McLaughlin. I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities.

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UI/ux design


Digital Marketing

I’m passionate about finding creative solutions and efficient execution.

With a wide-spread background, from learning guitar and piano to working highway construction in the Oregon summer. I bring unique interests, captivating stories, and a positive attitude to the workplace.

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Bringing ink to ideas and brainstorms to campaigns.


Upgrade and take your creativity to the next level with my skills

01. Web Design
Creating homepage assets for both mobile and desktop experiences. Planning and designing landing pages. UX reviews with multiple teams and making necessary edits to accommodate technical and business concerns.
02. Graphic Design
Designing assets for websites, ads, landing pages, and print material. Reviewing and collaborating with teams to deliver brand messages. Adaptable design skills across a multitude brand playbooks and styles.
03. Production
Handling all composition, color, illustration, typography and branding for event show booths. Producing landing pages and deliverables for in-person and online events/webinars.
04. Copywriting
Writing headlines and body copy for landing pages, email banners, and ads. Delivering messaging and branding through a clear and cohesive voice.
05. Project Managing
Managing projects, reviews, and timelines for website back-end developers and software designers.

An outstanding member of the Brand & Creative team at unbabel. As an integral part of our team, he took on tight deadlines, and compex projects with an easy and professional attitude.